how to invest money today

Investing is not just for stock market gurus and the rich. It is an important part of your financial journey and essential for building long term wealth. Luckily, you don’t need a lot of money to start investing. But you’ll need to understand the basics in order to develop a plan and stick to it over time. […]

6 Best Investments for Beginners

With the boom in the stock market and seemingly every other asset class, beginners may be eager to dip their toes into the investing waters. But before making any investment, it is important for new investors to know their risk tolerance. Some investments carry more risk than others and you don’t want to be surprised once […]

7 Best Ways to Invest While in College

Moving away from home, making new friends, and getting to class on time are just some of the big changes that college students face after high school. With all this new group of adults are facing, it’s a wonder that there is time for anything else, let alone investing. But surprisingly, college is actually one of […]

when should i buy life insurance

If you die suddenly, your loved ones may face financial crunch. Life insurance can provide protection, but getting coverage can seem confusing as you juggle all of life’s other responsibilities. How do you know when you need life insurance, and what should you consider when evaluating coverage? The best time to get insurance is often when you’re […]

Tips for Preparing for Retirement Success

The retirement planning process takes time and effort. Sometimes it can seem like a complicated task. But what you do today can help you achieve your goals and help you maintain the lifestyle you want in your later years. Here are some tips to help you reach your retirement goals one step at a time. Tip 1: […]

What is retirement?

Retirement is the stage of life when a person chooses to leave the work force and live off sources of income or savings that do not require active work. The age at which a person retires, their lifestyle during retirement, and the way they fund that lifestyle will vary from person to person based on personal […]

When should I retire?

Retirement is about the alignment of money and values. When deciding whether you should retire, determine what type of lifestyle you want to live and if you can afford it. Also, consider the timing of your retirement and how it will affect your Social Security benefits. For those born before 1937, the full retirement age is 65. For […]

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